Retirement residents' calendar inspires healthy living and supports women

APPLETON, Wisconsin (KTRK) -- Who said there was an age limit on calendar models?

Well 12 women from a retirement community in Wisconsin are changing views as they premier as calendar girls.

The women, who range in ages from 70-90, are the new faces of a 2019 calendar.

"I was thinking, not only are these people beautiful here, but they are strong and fit and we are gaining muscle tone all the time," Marge Willis said. "I thought, 'Why don't we make a calendar to show off our fitness.'"

Willis and a few other women from her community came up with the calendar idea, which quickly became the talk of their town.

"You're never too old to try something new," Miss June Marly Divver said.

The women say they workout at least five times a week and understand the importance of being fit.

"Not only do we need muscles, but we need those connective tissues and all of the moving helps everything work properly and stave off the aging part," Miss November Dorothy Allen said.

The women are hoping the calendar will inspire other people their age to get up and get active.

"I think it's important that people understand that age is only a number," Divver said.

The calendars are for sale at Touchmark for $8. All proceeds will be donated to Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs.
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