El Chapo's trial start date set for Nov. 5 in New York

BROOKLYN, New York -- A judge has ruled that accused drug kingpin El Chapo will be tried in federal court in downtown Brooklyn.

Judge Brian Cogan said he decided a venue change for Joaquin Guzman's trial wasn't necessary after consulting with the U.S. Marshals Service.

Guzman's lawyers had urged a change of venue to Lower Manhattan or Philadelphia. They had argued the daily transport of Guzman across the Brooklyn Bridge was unnecessary.

But during Tuesday's pre-trial hearing, the judge said those concerns will be "entirely alleviated."

Jury selection in Joaquin Guzman's trial will now begin Nov. 5, two months later than scheduled.

The delay comes after lawyers for the cartel leader requested an additional five months to go over evidence, claiming that federal prosecutors overseeing the case had been "sandbagging" them with belated information dumps. Prosecutors had argued for only a one-month delay.

According to federal papers filed Monday, "based upon the defendant's refusal to agree to certain stipulations, the government continues to expect that trial will last approximately sixteen weeks."
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