Meet the first woman commander of Texas A&M's Corps of Cadets

COLLEGE STATION, TX (KTRK) -- A young woman has broken through a glass ceiling at Texas A&M University, soon to become the first woman to ever lead the Corps of Cadets.

Junior Alyssa Michalke will take command of the unit at the end of the spring semester. While most 20-year-old college students are going to school and sharing what they did on Facebook or Instagram, Michalke doesn't have time for social media. She will be the first woman ever to lead the corps, which is mostly male. Out of 2,300, only 300 are female.

"Being the first woman adds a little pressure," she said. "I want to pay tribute to those women who came before me blaze a trail. I don't want to do anything bad to tarnish the reputation."

After meeting Alyssa, I could quickly tell why she's in charge. We talked about her first college exam.

"I got my test back," she said. "I got a 90. It was the lowest test grade ever. I was shocked. I thought college was pretty hard. "

Alyssa comes from an Aggie family. Her mother graduated in 1993.

"My grandma, she always says she's an honorary Aggie because she wanted to go to school here but at the time she couldn't," said Michalke.

Hundreds applied for the top position, including 40 women.

"Being selected as the first female corps commander is not only big for our university, but I remind people we have had women in the Corps of Cadets since 1974," she said.

The honor, the role of leadership, Alyssa takes very seriously. Apparently, so do the gentleman on campus.

"I don't have a boyfriend. It's a little intimidating for the guys," she said.
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