Drivers capture bubbles pouring out of fountain and into street in Kingwood

People in Kingwood captured an unusual sight on their morning drive after seeing a mass amount of bubbles pouring from a street corner.

ABC13 viewer Rika Achord Weinrich recorded video of the bubbles from a fountain at Kingwood Drive and West Lake Houston Monday around 8:30 a.m.

The video shows the fire department trying to clean up the foamy mess.

Weinrich said she's lived in Kingwood since 2002, but this incident might be the "best in the history of Kingwood."

"My initial reaction was that I have never seen it in this scale before," Weinrich wrote. "It has never caused a traffic hazard."

Another viewer who took a photo said it's something kids in the area do as a "rite of passage."

"I smiled and appreciated that someone was trying to bring a little joy to a community that is still recovering from Harvey. Then I shook my head knowing how many people were going to be upset about the costs to clean it up," Kim Woodworth said. "Like it or dislike it, we won't be able to stop it from happening, so might as well smile and move on. My daughter was in the back seat and wanted to get out and play. Heck, I wanted to get out and play."

ABC13 reached out to the Houston Fire Department and all they could tell us was that someone put an "unknown substance" in the fountain, and that the substance could possibly be soap.
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