Harris County Sheriff's Sgt is showing progress after COVID-19 diagnosis

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Raymond Scholwinski is a family man, just ask his wife of almost 34 years.

They have four children, two together.

"Camping is one of the things we do and they all go with us. We all pack in, even the grandkids and take big vacations together," said Rynda Scholwinski.

He's also known for his service. He's worked for the Harris County Sheriff's Office for 26 years. Before that, he started serving as a volunteer for the sheriff's office back in 1979.

"He touches people's hearts when they meet him. He has a way of never meeting a stranger," said Rynda.

Around March 21st, the 70-year-old sergeant started having symptoms.

By the 29th, after a call to their doctor they took him to the hospital. He's been there since then.

The next week, his brothers in blue from the sheriff's office gathered in prayer. Rynda said they've been by their family's side the entire time, reaching out and sending their love and prayers.

"The overwhelming love, prayers, response, that we have received from people. It's just amazing," said Rynda.
Those prayers are being answered as Raymond is now more stable than he was. He still remains in the ICU.

"It definitely makes me feel better. I mean, I'm very aware of that, we're not out of the woods but seeing some stability is very encouraging for us," said Rynda.

Also encouraging, is being able to see him. The doctors and nurses got Raymond on Zoom.

"Raymond has been in the hospital before for different issues and he's never spent a night alone. So leaving him there was really tough but being able to see him really eased that," said Rynda.

Rynda also wants to encourage people to donate blood and plasma if they're able too.

She wants to thanks everyone at the sheriff's office and all of her husband's doctors and nurse.

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