Christmas pineapples give the Yuletide a tropical twist

When you think of Christmas decorating, what comes to mind first? A grand fir tree outfitted with lights, ornaments and an angel?

Think again.

Meet the Christmas pineapple, the latest take on holiday decorating that's giving the Yuletide a decidedly tropical twist. They're all the rage on social media, where delighted decorators are sharing photos of their festive fruit displays:

The pineapples are decorated largely the same as a traditional tree. Most of the pineapples have ornaments or bulbs attached to their leaves and lights or tinsel attached to the fruit itself.

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Some of the sportier pineapples even have their own sunglasses.

But if you're planning on chowing down on your pineapple, you'll want to pay close attention to the quality of the fruit. Unlike a Christmas tree that can sit in your living room for weeks, uncut pineapples are perishable and have a shelf life of just a few days.

Before you eat the pineapple, remove the decorations and ensure that there are no obvious signs of spoilage like mold or a foul odor.
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