Burt's Meat Market in Denver Harbor offers tasty Cajun food at great prices

Saturday, February 22, 2020
Burt's Meat Market offers tasty Cajun food at great prices
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Seriously. You can't beat that!

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- If you live in Denver Harbor, you know Burt's Meat Market on Lyons Avenue is a staple for Cajun food.

The market has been open since 1946 and the ABC13+ series is taking you inside!

"Our gumbo beef tips, oh my God, (they are) to die for," said store manager Chasidi Lockett. "Our ribs (and) our boudin balls are to die for!"

The boudin is a popular dish from the eatery, and the secret behind its delicious flavor is one only the owner knows.

"It's a family recipe!" said Lockett. "I can't tell you!"

Burt's Meat Market has become a go-to spot in Denver Harbor, and it has customers lining up early in the morning.

Everything is made in house, with a lot of flavor and the secret ingredient.

"It's our fine cut beef tips smothered and slow cooked with love," explained Lockett.

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