Rosenberg home impacted by Hurricane Harvey now stands 10 feet above ground

ROSENBERG, Texas (KTRK) -- Almost two years after Hurricane Harvey poured rain over the greater Houston area for five days, many families are still rebuilding.

For one family in Rosenberg, they have reached the goal of completion. The Pickens family now have a "Beach House on the Brazos."

After nine months of construction, their newly structured family home now sits on 25 pier columns that raise the home about 10 feet above ground.

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Many homes in their surrounding neighborhoods are still damaged and some are even abandoned. Rose Pickens says she wants people to know there is still hope.

"Don't give up just because you hear a 'No' or a 'Not now.' Don't give up, still fill out the application, still go to the meetings. There's so much funding out there. The Texas General just released funding as of Feb. 28th to help reimbursements," said Pickens.

In addition to surviving high flood waters, the strength of the columns should hold the home up through winds up to 220 mph.

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