Support The Brookwood Community by riding your bike

BROOKSHIRE, TX (KTRK) -- Bike to the Beach is a non-profit organization that raises money and awareness for autism organizations by holding bike rides across the country.

Locally, The Brookwood Community, which is located in Brookshire and gives adults with disabilities a place to live and work, benefits from the rides. They also participate.

"It's so exciting that our citizens at Brookwood are a part of Bike to the Beach," said Greg Glauser, an activity director at The Brookwood Community. "We're one of the only organizations that allows our citizens with special needs to be riding in this fundraiser."

In 2019, The Brookwood Community team raised $50,000 by biking 25 miles along the Texas Gulf Coast. This year's ride isn't until October, but Bike to the Beach wanted to make an immediate impact to help communities suffering from the COVID-19 outbreak.

From now through May 10, Bike to the Beach will donate $0.54 for every mile you ride on an indoor or outdoor bike, up to 100 miles. That money will go to organizations like The Brookwood Community and registration details can be found at

The decided on $0.54 to represent the 1 in 54 children who will be diagnosed with autism.

The citizens of The Brookwood Community are using their miles to fund the cafe they operate and feed frontline workers.

"Our cafe will make lunches for people in the community who have been brave," said Glauser.

Those lunches are being referred to as "Boxes for Their Brave" and, even if you're not a bike rider, you can donate to that initiative to help feed our heroes and provide meaningful work for individuals with disabilities.

"Our citizens thrive on purpose," said Elizabeth Carlyle, chief operating officer of The Brookwood Community. "And this fundraiser gives them purpose."
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