Psychic says she can communicate with unborn babies

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Monday, May 22, 2017
Houston psychic says she can communicate with unborn babies
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A Houston woman says she can communicate with unborn children and believes kids choose their parents.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston psychic says she can communicate with unborn children and believes that kids choose their parents before they were even conceived.

Kim O'Neill gives the unborn a voice and a channel to speak.

"I present things exactly as I hear it," O'Neill said. "They are souls just like if I was going to communicate with someone's departed loved ones."

O'Neill said she helps her clients tune in to the spirits of their unborn children.

Almira Gelwick is one of O'Neill's clients. She waited until her late 30s to have a child. She said she was anxious about the pregnancy and birth.

"He had been waiting to be born," Gelwick said.

Gelwick said her session with O'Neill was comforting.

"I have been a mother to him before. We had a relationship before. And that's kind of where the kinship comes in. Our connection comes in," Gelwick said.

O'Neill explains in her book "Bond with your Baby before Birth: How to communicate with your unborn child" that children choose their parents.

She writes "I've had souls tell me that they had waited hundreds of years for a particular birth mother."

"We choose our parents because of what they represent. The learning experiences we can enjoy living there," O'Neill said.

She said that souls also choose to be born in bad environments too. O'Neill said what they will learn along the way will be critical to fulfilling their destinies.

Gelwich said everything O'Neill told her came true, which made a believer out of a once skeptic and connecting Gelwick even closer to her son.

In the meantime, we have assembled steps you can take to communicate with your unborn child, according to O'Neill's book.

STEP 1 - Make the commitment: Choose a day and time each week to communicate with your unborn baby.

STEP 2 - Choose a place to practice: Pick a place that is safe, secure, quiet and free of distractions.

STEP 3 - Clear the decks: Turn off your cellphone, TV, radio, and computer so that you can hear when your unborn child speaks back to you.

STEP 4 - Open the floor: Tell your unborn child you are ready to communicate, say hello and ask what they would like to talk about.

STEP 5 - Start a journal: Write down what your baby is telling you. Then try to tune in to the voice that's coming through in your head.

STEP 6 - Ask questions: Compile a brief list of questions for your baby.

STEP 7 - The technique: Take deep breaths to get centered and balanced. Tell your baby you are ready to have a conversation. Ask your first question, and listen to what immediately pops into your head. Write it down. Keep at it and practice.

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