Houston fisherman fighting for his life after crocodile attack in Mexico

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Jonathon Schoeneman was born a fisherman, according to his brother Justin.

"My mom and dad said his first word was fish. That's all he cared about," he said.

Travis Simmons, Jonathon's best friend, was always out on an adventure with him.

"It's his passion, he's not happy if not on the water," said Simmons.

Jonathon is better known as "Yoboy." The name has a long history, his younger brother couldn't say his name when they were kids.

"That''s how we spelled it out: Yoboy," Schoeneman and Simmons said. "It stuck. That's what everyone knows him as."
Their love for fishing and lifelong friendship took them to Cancun to partner in a charter fishing business.

Last Thursday, while spear fishing in a mangrove area off Cancun, the experienced fishermen hit trouble.

It wasn't the first time they'd seen a crocodile, but this time was different. Travis knew it the minute he heard his friend screaming.

"I think it was just chance that it was the wrong place at the wrong time," Simmons said.

His Navy swim training kicked in and he was in the fight of his life to save his best friend.

"I saw my best friend there in desperation, and I grabbed him and got him to the boat," Simmons said.

Now, in a Cancun hospital with injuries to his jaw, face and neck, the Katy Taylor High School and Houston Baptist University graduate is still fighting.

The local community in Cancun is standing behind him.

"He had to put up a fight, he made it through. He's a fighter," Justin Schoeneman said.

But, it's not just about getting him back to Houston for recovery. It's also about getting him back to fishing, and they are filled with tremendous hope.

"It's a miracle he's alive. They say he is meant to be here, he has a purpose, and this is from the doctors," Simmons said. "This guy has a purpose to be here."

For more on fundraising for Jonahtan Shoeneman, and for his recovery and updates go to YouCaring.com.
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