Gator found at doorstep at Katy ISD school

ByTracy Clemons KTRK logo
Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Check out what was roaming around a Katy school
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This alligator was captured at Beck Jr. High, but not before a struggle

KATY, TX (KTRK) -- It was a scary sight for people showing up to a school in Katy Wednesday morning -- an alligator slowly made its way to the building.

Officers were called to Beck Junior High to handle it and they had their hands full.

"At about 7:20 this morning, staff discovered an alligator near the entrance," Katy ISD spokesperson Andrea Grooms reported.

They called Katy ISD police and Fort Bend County sheriff's deputies, and the race was on to get the gator.

"It's pretty funny, i think," said student Josh Murrell. "An alligator walking all the way from the bayou over there. I don't know what it was doing staying here instead of over there."

The gator went from blocking an entrance, to a corner right behind bushes just feet away from the main entrance. Authorities tried a few times to reel it in with a rope, but the gator wanted no part of it.

Former student Sumeet Argawar lives nearby.

"You see the sign sometimes and you're like, 'Is there really an alligator?'" he said. "But apparently there is."

They caught the gator around 10:30am. It squirmed all the way to the trunk of the patrol car that was waiting to haul it off.

School doesn't start for a week and a half, but there was staff there. Families also were in and out for registration. Luckily, nobody was hurt. The gator was taken to the Simonton area and released.

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