Nick Foles talks about fame, Philly and the future on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Friday, February 16, 2018
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Nick Foles on Jimmy Kimmel Live!: Tamala Edwards reports during Action News Mornings on February 16, 2018.

LOS ANGELES, California -- The Philadelphia Eagles' Nick Foles went from backup quarterback to Super Bowl MVP.

He joked about his newfound fame during an appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Thursday night.

"My safe spot to always go (to) was Whole Foods," Foles told Kimmel. "No one cared, no one recognized me. I can't go into Whole Foods now! I knew when I went in there things had changed when I started getting recognized."

Kimmel also brought up the topic that everyone is wondering: Will Foles stick around as backup quarterback when Carson Wentz recovers from his knee injury?

Foles told the late night talk show host that he is just focused on being a good husband and father right now.

"We love Philly," he said. "You know, that stuff's out of my control. My agents, they handle all that. But we love Philly, we love the situation. And we'll worry about it when that time comes."

"You want to stay in Philly, of course," Kimmel shot back.

"Yeah, we love Philly," Foles replied. "We came back to Philly, and they had us. So just to be part of the community, being part of bringing the first Super Bowl (win) there..."

Foles also told Kimmel he understands why Eagles fans are so passionate, and were so emotional after the championship