Memorial HS soccer team making strides to win 2nd state championship title

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Memorial High School girl's soccer team is having a great season this year.

"They're just a fun, great and hardworking group. They actually genuinely enjoy being around each other, so it makes it fun when they are having a good time. It makes it easy to coach them," Mustangs head coach Lindley Amarantos said.

Amarantos is the Memorial High School graduate who coached the team to its first soccer state championship in 2018. This year, the team is looking to return to state.

"It was incredible. I don't think I fully realized while we were doing it how hard it was and how momentous it was while we were doing it," senior midfielder Blakeley Buckingham said.

The team said they know their goal and have all of the keys for a successful playoff run.

"A lot of the team wasn't on the team when we won state, so they don't really know that one game can end your whole season," senior midfielder Kelsey Hranicky said.

The older team members said they are ready to prep the younger girls and keep them focused on the end goal.

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