JJ Watt roasts brother, fellow NFL player TJ in hilarious Twitter feud

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Things got heated on Twitter Sunday after TJ Watt, Houston Texans player JJ Watt's brother and fellow NFL star, sparked a fight with his brother.

JJ tweeted a video of himself working out with the caption, "Trust yourself as much as I trust this green band."

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker TJ was quick to question the impressiveness of JJ's workout, acknowledging what he was getting himself into.

JJ didn't take TJ's jab lightly, escalating the feud saying he was just as unimpressed when TJ didn't win defensive player of the year this past season.

With that jab, TJ hung in the towel, tweeting, " I'll be at the gym if anyone needs me..."

Fans were eating the feud up and tweeting hilarious reaction gifs.

Although we know the feud was just some tough brotherly love, it sure was funny to see what JJ and TJ had to say next!
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