Third time in 2 months students have brought guns into HISD schools

Before your child heads off to school, it's a good time to remind them about the dangers of guns.

Students bringing guns to school is a frightening trend we know all too well can end in an innocent life being taken. One of the most recent incidents was a shooting at Bellaire High School last month.

In January, a 16-year-old student and friend of 19-year-old Bellaire High School senior Cesar Cortes brought a gun to school. Authorities say his friend was showing the gun off when Cortes was shot and killed. Cortes' death was the first death in 2020, but the fifth school shooting just two weeks into the new year.

Three days after that shooting, a student brought a gun to Sharpstown High School. On Monday, according to the charging documents, a student brought a handgun to Worthing High School. In a statement, HISD said the weapon was confiscated and no one was injured. The 18-year-old student was charged with felony possession.

ABC13 asked HISD if the gun found at Worthing High School was loaded or not. The district would not answer referring to what they call their 'policy.'

For mom Marentha Sargent, she knows the very real dangers of guns all too well after losing her 14-year-old daughter Adrienne Lambert.

Sargent's neighbor left his loaded gun on a table, where his son picked it up and accidentally shot Adrianne in the chest.

Sargent said the child's father got 30 days in jail and with community service, the mother's charge will be dismissed. ABC13's Ted Ober later found out that even when the parents were found guilty of making a firearm accessible to a minor, most didn't serve a single day and were able to keep owning a gun.


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