Gruesome details in so-called satanic killing relived in court as teen tried for murder

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The grandmother of Coriann Cervantes saw her twice a day, when she took her to school and when she picked her up. Catherine Cervantes says, "She was wonderful, great, bubbly... She loved life."

But that all came to an abrupt end when the 15-year-old was brutally assaulted and murdered in a vacant apartment unit in Clear Lake.

Since February, there have been no more car rides and now family members are reliving what prosecutors say happened to Coriann in the hours leading up to her brutal death, as one of her accused killers is on trial for her murder.

Cervantes adds, "The next few days will be very hard."

As his trial began, Jose Reyes, 17, told the judge he is not guilty. He looked around the courtroom at times but showed no emotion.

Prosecutors outlined the case they will present to jurors in the 15-year-old's death, saying it was part of a satanic ritual. They say Coriann's body was found with an upside down cross carved in it, a belt was used to strangle her, a screwdriver to stab her, and a toilet seat to strike her.

Prosecutors called Reyes's sister to the stand to recount what her brother told her shortly after the murder. She cried, hesitated and looked her brother in the eye at times.

Prosecutor John Jordan asked, "What did he say Victor (the other defendant in the case) did with the belt?"

Reyes' sister replied, "Wrapped it around her neck."

Jordan then said, "Did he say Victor pulled on it?"

Reyes' sister replied, "Yes."

The victim's father and grandmother also testified Monday.

Coriann's family will go through this process twice. The second teen defendant will be tried separately.

Cervantes said, "The only thing we are looking for is justice for her, that's what we are looking for."

If convicted, Reyes faces up to life in prison.
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