Are Volkswagen Models Reliable? Volkswagen Cypress Spills the Beans

Friday, July 16, 2021

A common misconception about Volkswagen models is that they are expensive to maintain and to repair. Most people know that VW cars are known for performance, power, and thrill-to-drive, so where did the assumption that Volkswagen models are costly to maintain come from?

One reason is that in the early 2000's Jetta and Passat diagnostic codes couldn't be picked up by electronic code readers. So VW mechanics had to use their mechanical knowledge to trouble-shoot anything that went wrong. This labor-intensive process could be costly. Another reason was that certain parts for Volkswagen cars were hard- to-find and had to be shipped from Germany or Mexico.

But all of that is in the past. According to MotorBiscuit Volkswagen is a better investment than some people may realize. Here are 5 reasons we think Volkswagen is the reliable car choice for our customers in Houston:

Widely Accessible Parts and Accessories

Volkswagen is the 2nd Largest Automaker in the World, selling 9.3 million cars in 2020. With nearly 700 dealerships across the United States, finding a VW-trained repair technician or getting parts and accessories to fix your own VW is easier than ever. Volkswagens have always been a DIYer's dream, and now it is a cinch, especially at Volkswagen Cypress, where we have a huge selection of in-stock parts.

Low Repair Costs
Accessibility is just one part of the equation. For the past 6 years Volkswagen has been prioritizing America's interests. With a plant in Chattanooga, TN producing SUV's like the Volkswagen Atlas and Volkswagen Taos, Volkswagen has zeroed in on what US driver's want in a car, with safety and low repair-costs being at the top of the list. Volkswagen repairs are less likely to be severe, according to repair pal.

"At Volkswagen Cypress, our repair team works on all makes and models, which puts us in a great position to see just how solid and reliable our Volkswagen models really are," said Shannon Reynolds, Fixed Ops Director for Volkswagen Cypress.

Safety Ratings
Every year the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducts multiple tests on vehicles to help consumers make informed decisions. This year they named the 2021 Tiguan SUV the Top Safety Pick in the Midsize SUV category by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The other models like the 2021 Volkswagen Jetta has a five star overall safety rating by the same institute, The Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport each have five star overall safety ratings as well. Volkswagen models excel at crash avoidance and prevention.

"We have a tool on our website that allows our customers to compare any of our Volkswagen models with the competition," says Alex Garcia, General Sales Manager for Volkswagen Cypress. "You can compare safety ratings, reliability, warranties, servicing ease and more. Once our guests see how well Volkswagen stacks up against the competition, Volkswagen becomes an obvious choice."

New Warranty
Another reason Volkswagen is a reliable choice is their incredible warranty, which exceeds nearly every other manufacturer. The 2020 and newer models come with a 4- year or 50,000-mile (whichever occurs first) bumper-to-bumper limited warranty. "Our guests can feel confident when choosing a new Volkswagen for many reasons, but one major selling point is our warranty," says Garcia. Even used Volkswagen models (called Certified Pre-Owned) come with a Comprehensive Limited Warranty. "Our CPO cars are extremely popular with guests," says Garcia. "Each one comes with at least a 100+ point inspection, strict standards using Volkswagen genuine parts, and 2 year/24,000 mile Comprehensive Limited Warranty."

Scheduled Carefree Maintenance
Low maintenance costs are made even better with Volkswagen's Scheduled Carefree Maintenance in 2020 and 2021 models. The first 2 years of manufacturer- recommended maintenance intervals are completely covered (or 20,000 miles, whichever occurs first).

"Even after the first years when maintenance is completely covered, our guests love that they only need an oil change once a year," says Shannon Reynolds, Fixed Ops Director for Volkswagen Cypress. "Plus at Volkswagen Cypress we offer a complimentary video inspection where our technicians visually show underneath thehood and carriage so our guests feel 100% certain they know why we make certain recommendations. Peace of mind is invaluable when it comes to your transportation."

We hope you consider Volkswagen as your next reliable car choice at Volkswagen Cypress when you're in the market for your next car! Visit Volkswagen Cypress online or in person to set up a test drive, shop new or CPO Volkswagen models, compare Volkswagen against the competition, or schedule your service visit.