This local business wants you to have the best sleep possible!

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Learn about Sleep Health from the experts at Texas Mattress Makeres

Our city is full of exciting people, places and businesses! H-Town Spotlight is a fun and informative segment that showcases all that Houston has to offer!

On July 1 we talked with president and owner of Texas Mattress Makers, Youval Meicler, to find out about the science that goes in to creating the perfect night's sleep. This local business is determined to improving your help through the power of a great night's sleep! Plus see a special offer for ABC13 viewers!

Texas Mattress Makers offers a specialized sleep study quiz, helping you find your specific fit for your custom mattress. This includes twin, queen, full and king mattresses. Want to find out more about Texas Mattress Makers? Here's the details of their story, a list of their products and a list of their locations.

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