Student waiting in line at school attacked with razor

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Monday, November 12, 2018
Boy attacked with Razor at school
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Young boy attacked with razor at his school

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (KTRK) -- Administrators at a Wisconsin school are under fire after a mother says they mishandled an incident where her 9-year-old son was attacked with a razor blade.

Anna Hawrylak, the mother says, "We had received a phone call that my child had received a cut."

Her son was allegedly waiting in line to go to class when another boy took out a razor blade and cut her son's forearm, right above his elbow.

She wishes school administrators had called 911. The cut was so deep the young boy needed stitches.

"This was involving a weapon that could have caused serious injury to multiple students," says Hawrylak.

Bristol's School Board president, Kathy LeFebve, says the district hired a third-party investigator and found there was no evidence of dishonesty, downplayed seriousness, or delayed contact with emergency personnel.

Other parents have since come forward saying that this is not the first time the district has ignored a serious problem.

More than 100 people signed this petition as a show of no confidence in their school leaders, calling for better transparency and removal of people in charge.

The student that had the razor blade is no longer at the school.