Local Spotlight: Learn about a new way to find an Electricity Plan!

Watch Local Spotlight with Power Wizard
Watch Local Spotlight with Power Wizard

Local Spotlight

"Local Spotlight" is a unique and lively lifestyle segment covering a variety of topics concerning the Houston area! We are always striving to interview guests that, inform, educate, help and entertain you!

On June 11, we talked with Power Wizard! Electricity prices in Houston have increased by three to five cents per kilowatt-hour compared to last year, and rates will only increase further during the hot summer months. If you haven't shopped for electricity plans recently, it can mean a difference of thousands of dollars every year. The experts at Power Wizard joined us with tips on how to find the best electric plan for your home or apartment while avoiding gimmicks and hidden fees.

While "free nights" and "free weekends" plans might seem attractive, they actually end up costing more for the average customer. Some low rates lure in customers, only to charge extra fees if your usage is higher or lower. With hundreds of plans to choose from, it's difficult to understand their complex price structures and you can easily fall into the trap of gimmicky plans and hidden fees. Power Wizard does the leg work for you.

Power Wizard's smart technology filters through hundreds of plans in seconds to find the best electricity deals from different providers all in one place, and they customize your rates to your home with your address. Because Power Wizard isn't compensated by electricity providers-like other electricity comparison sites are, you can rest assured that they are providing the best electricity plans with your interests in mind. It's easy to find the best plan for your family with Power Wizard.

Get started and see your best electricity rates with your address.

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