How Hulu Ad Manager helped this sweets shop connect with local dessert lovers

ByBrian Sung, Eduardo Sanchez, Dana Langer Localish logo
Monday, September 12, 2022
Try a bathtub sundae or burrito crepe!
See how this dessert inventor and small business owner leveraged digital marketing on streaming TV to get his sweet creations in the hands of local dessert lovers! Sponsored by Hulu Ad Manager.

MINEOLA, NY -- "Expect the unexpected and expect the crazy," says owner Hector Carvalho of his New York sweets shop, Manny's Sweet Treats.

The shop has become a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike and has built up a significant social media presence with its wild and inventive dessert videos. But, according to Hector, the popularity didn't happen without some strategic marketing on his part.

"When I first opened up, I was really naive," Hector says. He utilized more traditional forms of marketing, like attempting to entice customers through newspaper advertisements, but wasn't seeing results he was happy with. "And that's when I was like, let me start doing social media," he explains.

"I started with Facebook because, at the time, Facebook was a little bit more prominent than Instagram. Then I started with Instagram. Then YouTube. Then TikTok. And then finally, when Hulu opened up their ads for businesses like us, Hulu as well."

What Hector loves about being featured on Hulu is how easily he feels he can translate success on his social platforms to success on Hulu as well. "Whatever works on Instagram and TikTok, I basically put it on Hulu and it kind of just translates quite well."

Hulu's ability to reach millions of viewers is an added bonus for Hector. "Everybody watches Hulu nationwide so it makes you feel way bigger than just a small shop," he says.

His next big project involves delivering his whimsical desserts and other treats to loved ones in the local area, which he also plans on promoting on Hulu Ad Manager. "I definitely recommend using Hulu Ad Manger," he concludes. "It's super simple to use. It's straightforward. Go ahead and do it!"

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