4 ways Volkswagen Cypress has successfully adapted to meet customer needs

Tuesday, July 21, 2020
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Here are the safe, great deals Volkswagen Cypress are offering

With the rise of Coronavirus cases in Houston, it is more important than ever that the people of Houston do what they can to support and protect each other. Over the past several months, Volkswagen Cypress has continued to adapt and follow CDC, state and county guidelines, adjusting when needed, in regards to social distancing, stay-at-home directives, and heightened cleaning requirements so customers can feel comfortable buying or leasing a car they need.

With interest rates at an all-time low, and many helpful programs for customers, more customers are purchasing their vehicles from Volkswagen Cypress than ever before!* Here are 4 ways Volkswagen Cypress has successfully adapted to meet customer needs in an ever-changing year like 2020.

Offering Payment Relief to Customers in Need

One of the most helpful ways Volkswagen Cypress has helped customers throughout the Coronavirus pandemic has been offering trade-in opportunities and zero payments. "Many of our customers have felt the economic uncertainty really personally," says Alex Garcia, General Sales Manager at Volkswagen Cypress.

"So we have been able to help a lot of people trade out of their current vehicle - with our MSRP Vehicle Exchange program - and helping them upgrade to a newer car with no payments right away."

Volkswagen Cypress is currently offering 0% APR for up to 6 years on the remaining 2020 Volkswagen models, or they can choose ZERO payments for 4 months.

Making Virtual Car Buying a Reality

Another reason for Volkswagen Cypress's success in 2020 - despite the Coronavirus pandemic, stay-at-home directives, and other huge societal changes - is their willingness to adapt and change with the times. "We offer online trade offers, virtual walkarounds, penny-perfect online payment quotes, and online secure financing approval on our website," says Garcia. "This helps limit the amount of time a customer has to spend at the dealership." Volkswagen Cypress makes it easy for customers to get the vehicle they need safely and efficiently.

Prioritizing Humility, Kindness, and Community

Volkswagen Cypress implemented rigorous sanitization practices in early March and started mandating the use of face masks by its employees in May and of its customers in June."I have required all of our team members to wear masks inside the dealership for three reasons," said Jeff Davis, Director of Operations for Volkswagen Cypress. "First, Humility. We wear masks because we don't know if we have COVID-19 as its clear that asymptomatic people can be contagious. Second, Kindness. I don't know the underlying health problems of the person next to me or of their children or parents. So I wear a mask out of kindness to them. Third, Community: we wear masks because we want our community to thrive, want the business to stay open, and want our community to stay healthy."

Persistence in Focus, Drive, and Advertising

Despite the fear anxiety of the coronavirus pandemic, Volkswagen Cypress did not cut off all advertising. "We have a lot of people who rely on us," said Davis.

"Not just our employees and partners, but our digital and broadcast media partners as well. If we had turned off our advertising, it would have hurt our employees, partners, the economy, and our customers.""We love this business," says Davis. "No matter what the rest of 2020 brings, we have the confidence and flexibility to adapt and change to meet our customer's needs. We don't want to just be a one-time dealer, we want to be their dealership for life. Customers can shop at vwcypress.com. The dealership not only has Volkswagen models but many others as well in their used car inventory. You can narrow your search based on the make, model and price point you want to see. If you find a vehicle you want, you can chat, text or call to learn more about the car and schedule a test drive. Volkswagen Cypress's Zero Zone program is about making it as easy and safe as possible to get into a vehicle during these uncertain times. Learn more about these and other specials on their website.

*Based on 2018-2020 Volkswagen Retail Reports regarding the CER zone and Houston, Texas