Gulf Coast Community Services Association is here to provide your child with the best education

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Worried about safely giving your child the best education with little resources? Gulf Coast Community Services Association, Inc. (GCCSA) is here to help and has opened its Head Start and Early Head Start Programs for enrollment.

The GCCSA Head Start Program is a comprehensive, Early Childhood Development program, serving eligible children and families from economically challenged backgrounds in the Houston, Harris County area since 1964. GCCSA, Inc. caters to over 1,900 early learners and their families; supporting pregnant women, infants and toddlers (ages 6 weeks to 30 months), and children ages 3 to 5 years.

Children & Families

The GCCSA HS/EHS Program understands that each child comes into our program with a unique personality, various abilities and a distinctive cultural background. We believe all children can reach their utmost potential when provided with a stimulating learning environment supported and fostered by adults who are nurturing and accepting.

Our Child Development Team ensures that our classrooms provide quality Early Childhood Educational and developmental services for all enrolled children, including those who are differently-abled. Our HS/EHS high-quality, child-focused services and programming promote children's cognitive, social and emotional growth for later success in school.

GCCSA's teaching staff have the guidance, training and support needed to implement developmentally appropriate curriculum and instruction that meet the needs of all our enrolled children, supporting their growth throughout their educational journey. Our child-focused program has the overall goal of increasing the school readiness of young children.

We enthusiastically partner with families to ensure that the needs of our students are met.

We believe that our HS/EHS parents are the first and most important educators of their children. Parent involvement is a core value. We invite our parents to be integrally involved in the education of their children by volunteering in the classroom, attending parent meetings, serving on an advisory committee, and/or making decisions about the HS/EHS Program within the parent committees. Parents can also be elected to serve on our Policy Council - an opportunity to participate in shared decision-making about the Program.

Parents who are actively involved in their children's education ensure student success in school and in life. GCCSA's Family Empowerment Program provides many experiences at each Center aimed at empowering parents, equipping them with stronger parenting skills, and educating them on becoming full partners in their children's journey towards a superior education.

Their Centers have a host of ways parents & guardians can be involved, including:
- Site-Based Parent Committees

- Classroom Volunteer (i.e. reading a book!)

- Fatherhood Program

- Family Night, Family Fun Day, Holiday Celebrations

- Policy Council Leadership

Looking to apply for Summer 2021? Go to the Gulf Coast Community Service Association's website here: www.gccsa.org today!