Facebook Live with Texas Mattress Makers: Watch below!

Want to learn how you can get better sleep?
We were live on Facebook with Youval Meicler, Owner and CEO of Texas Mattress Makers June 11 at 5pm.

Couldn't watch it live? You can watch it below:

Speaker: Youval Meicler
Youval Meivler, brings 40+ years of experience and expertise in the bedding industry to every customer. So when you shop at Texas Mattress Makers, whether it's in-store or online, you benefit from over 4 decades of knowledge.

More about Texas Mattress Makers:
When you buy a mattress from Texas Mattress Makers you are not buying a mattress from a typical mattress retailer. Instead, you are buying a mattress directly from the manufacturer. They make all of the mattresses at their Houston based Factory. They have been making mattresses for 40+ years and all of their salespeople have worked the production floor and know about all of the components in every mattress. Their number one priority is that they sell you YOUR best night's sleep. They also care about our community and have given back to Houston in many different ways. If you go to Texas Mattress Makers, you're supporting a local business and getting the best mattress and the best customer service experience.