Learn about the All Me Augmentation Process

Learn about the All Me Augmentation process
Learn about the All Me Augmentation process

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In our December 1 segment we took an inside look at the All Me Augmentation procedure. Hear from Sean Boutros a pioneer of this breast augmentation process that uses the bodies own tummy fat to augment the breast. He will be discussing the details of the procedure, the benefits and who would be a good candidate.

Houston Breast Surgery Specialist Dr. Sean Boutros is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and an expert in The All Me Augmentation Procedure (Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator DIEP flap surgery). DIEP flap breast surgery has traditionally been a reconstructive procedure for patients who have undergone mastectomy, but Dr. Boutros is revolutionizing cosmetic breast surgery by using DIEP flap methods to provide patients with all natural breast augmentation. Cosmetic DIEP flap breast surgery allows patients to have beautiful, natural-looking breast augmentation without breast implants. This technique uses a patient's own tissue, harvested from the abdomen, to reshape the breasts. Dr. Boutros offers several breast augmentation options with enhanced recovery and less pain at his Houston practice.

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