Houston's famous Beer Can House combines art and functionality

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Houston's famous Beer Can House is the ultimate expression of art meeting function! (KTRK)

Located between Washington and Memorial, Houston's famous Beer Can House is the ultimate expression of art meeting function!

John Milkovisch started collecting beer cans years before he realized what he would do with them. In 1968, he began arranging 17 years worth of beer cans outside his house so he could avoid painting or cutting the grass. AT this point, Milkovisch's home, a 1940's style bungalow, has now been decorated by at least 50,000 beer cans -- some secured to the walls and others cemented into the ground.

For the exterior walls, John flattened beer cans before affixing them outside his home. Then, on three sides of the house, he used the rest of the cans to create wind chimes, with each side creating a different sound when the wind blows. While one side only uses tops and bottoms, its companion has detached the lids from their rims such that they rotate in the breeze, thus deeming them "spinners." Each strand is about six feet long and takes about eight hours to complete. The third wall then only uses the beer tabs, uniting each tab with a simple wire to create long chains.

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Throughout the house, John used several different types of beers to create this masterpiece. However, his favorite beer, as Ruben Guevara, the Programs and Preservation Manager, claims, "was whatever was on sale."
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