Police searching for carjacker who stabbed, dragged good Samaritan

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A carjacker stabbed a Good Samaritan with a screwdriver before fleeing in his vehicle and dragging his victim half a mile.

A Houston father of two is clinging to life after trying to help a man. A carjacker stabbed 41-year-old Jesse Bautista with a screwdriver before fleeing in his vehicle on Sunday afternoon near Uvalde Road and the East Freeway.

The man wanted is described as a Hispanic male between the age of 20 and 30 years old. He's about 5 feet, 8 inches tall and weighs around 150 pounds. He was last seen wearing a black shirt with a cap that said "Cowgirl" on it.

Police officers told Eyewitness News he dragged Bautista for more than half a mile after Bautista became entangled in his seat belt.

This situation all started at the Gulf gas station at 1217 Uvalde Road. Bautista and his cousin encountered a man who claimed to have car trouble.

Exclusive surveillance video shows the two pushing the Honda Accord out of the way. Bautista's cousin, who only wanted to be identified as Carlos, spoke to Eyewitness News.

Carlos said the man then asked for help. Footage shows the unidentified suspect getting into Bautista's car after the good Samaritans lent a hand.

"Then he asked us for a ride to his aunt's house, which is down the street," said Carlos. "We turned down that street. We get to the end. That's when we grabbed my cousin and start poking him in the neck with the screwdriver. I end up jumping out. My cousin was strapped in. I took the screwdriver away from the guy. I ran to the other side of the car because he was trying to put it in gear. My cousin was still strapped in."

Carlos was still emotionally upset by the incident shook as he described what happened next.

"I was trying to get my cousin out of the strap and the guy is going to back out of the way. He just starts taking off. He hauls butt," said Carlos. "My cousin is still hanging out. He started dragging him. My cousin is hollering. I can't catch him."

According to family, Bautista suffered horrific burns. His skin was burned off on his chest, abdomen and arms. They also said Bautista suffered spinal injuries and fractures across his body and lost 3 toes. His brother, George Bautista, spoke exclusively with abc13's Steve Campion Monday morning.

"He deserves the worst. My brother had no reason to go through what he went through. We're a close family. He's a father to his kids. He's always moving around and he's always working," said Bautista. "Trying to help somebody it's not worth it. He's an awesome guy. He's always trying to help out. We try to tell him not to be so nice. People out there don't care."

Family explained Jesse Bautista was coming back from Academy, where he purchased equipment for a fishing trip with his son. Bautista's oldest son is a Marine. He had just returned home Saturday to spend time with his family.

Bautista works in construction. The family has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help pay medical bills.

Investigators with the Houston Police Department said the carjacker had struck just an hour earlier in Acres Home. They accused the wanted man of stealing the Honda Accord and driving it to the east side gas station.

Monday afternoon, the 25-year-old woman who was behind the wheel for the first carjacking spoke exclusively with Eyewitness News.

"He was punching me. When I realized it, I stopped my brakes. We both jerked and I opened up my door," said the woman, who didn't want to be identified. "He dragged my shirt from the back and said get in here. I elbowed him. I ran. I ran this way. I'm angry because you were asking for my help and I fell for the trap. This was coming from my heart."
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