EXCLUSIVE: Woman speaks out after "old friend" allegedly runs over her

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Ashley Motl speaks out after she was left bloodied on the side of the road last Thursday and had to be airlifted to the hospital. WARNING: Graphic images.

The woman captured on video being deliberately run over remembers the sound of her ribs cracking.

Ashley Motl, 29, was left bloodied on the side of the road last week and had to be airlifted to the hospital. A motorist noticed the violence and used her cell phone to record it.

It shows a struggle between a man Ashley calls an "old friend." The fight escalates to punches. Then, in a parking lot off FM 1960 near Perry Road, the man does the unthinkable: He runs her over and takes off.

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The Harris County Sheriff's Office has leads in the case but hasn't publicly identified a suspect. Also, no one has been arrested.

"I would like him to be brought to justice. I thought he was my friend, and I thought really wrong because friends don't run over you and leave you in a ditch," Motl told Eyewitness News in an exclusive interview.

Motl spent only four days in the hospital. Her internal injuries include a liver laceration and broken ribs. Externally, her orbit around her eye is broken, leaving her eye bloodshot. She required 30 stitches in her forehead. She has cuts, scrapes and bruises.

"The sound of my own ribs cracking is probably the scariest thing I've ever encountered," Motl said.

Motl says she and the guy were hanging out. She wanted to go back to her car. He didn't and the fight started. The former medic has a long recovery ahead of her. She sees the ordeal as a life opportunity and proof that's she's strong.

"I feel like God has given me another chance. I don't need to mess it up," she explained. "You can run me over but guess what? I just got up pretty darn quick."

Motl adds that she is grateful to all the first responders, doctors, nurses and other medical staff who have helped her in her recovery.

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