Monster gator makes the record books

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A record-setting alligator was killed in Mississippi (KTRK)

A woman hooked and killed a monster alligator this past weekend in Mississippi.

Get a good look at the gator in the video above.

Tiffany Wienke and five other people managed to take down an alligator that was the longest gator caught in public water. It was 13 feet, 7 inches long, beating the last record-holder by an eighth of an inch, according to the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks.

Jogger-chasing gator removed
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A gator likely displaced by recent flooding came frighteningly close to a local woman's home.

Alligator kills man during late-night swim
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When a man decided to go for a late-night swim, despite warnings, the decision proved to be deadly.

Wienke told station WJTV, "When we put him in the boat we knew he was big. Bigger than any of the six of us good seeing it, caught or hoped to catch but the thought of a record never crossed our minds."

The alligator, which Wienke sold, will be processed for its meat and skin.

Wieke said it doesn't pay much, but she enjoys the hunt. She said, "It's long hours. We were in the boat for 20 hours Friday night before we went back out Saturday night. But once you hook into something that big and you experience that controlled chaos, you're at that animal's mercy."
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