This lovable little rooster greets his human at the bus stop every single day

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Not many seventh graders can say they have a loyal pet that greets them at the bus stop every single day. But then again, not many seventh graders have a pet like Savannah Lindsey's.

Each afternoon, Savannah's school bus rumbles down the road towards her home in Atlanta, Georgia, where - just like clockwork - her lovable rooster Frog rushes out to meet her.

It is, in a word, adorable. So adorable in fact, that Savannah's mom Holley Burns started filming Frog's afternoon routine several months ago, only for the footage to go seriously viral on Facebook. Now, Frog has a social media following that'll make you jealous, with upwards of 85,000 fans across Facebook and Instagram and thousands of views on YouTube.

According to Holley, it all started last August when Frog started following her out into the front yard every afternoon when she left to meet the bus.

"He would watch as I waited on the bus," she tells Babble. "After about two days of this, Frog decided he would meet his sister instead of me. And ever since then it has been a daily routine - of course, unless it's storming [or there's] bad weather, then he is safe indoors; but still he knows exactly what time the bus is coming and will start crowing."

Holley Burns

As you might imagine, watching a tiny rooster run down the driveway and straight towards the school bus was a bit surprising - at first.

"At first the bus driver was startled," Holley admits. "He originally thought it was a small dog or a cat, [but] he asked my daughter and she said, 'No, it's my rooster Frog!'"

Ever since, Holley says the driver has paid "very close attention" to making sure both Savannah and Frog are in the clear before he pulls away.

Holley Burns

But these afternoon bus meet-ups aren't the only human-like thing about Frog. In fact, Holley says the family started noticing Frog was "different" from an early age when he was the only hatchling out of five to survive the incubator.

"He was not interested in other chickens," she says. "He was more interested in humans and what they were doing."

Especially Savannah, who he bonded closely with, right from the start.

Holley Burns

When he isn't lighting up social media with his adorable antics, Frog is typically relaxing around the family farm or lounging inside his very own "hut" in the backyard - which has both heating in the winter and AC in the summer!

And because he frequently wanders in and out of the Burns house, too, Holley says Frog wears "chicken diapers" to ensure there aren't any little surprises left for them inside.

"It's been a learning time for sure," Holley says of Frog's sudden social media fame, "[and] we are just glad he can make others smile as he makes us smile every day!"

How could you not smile every day at this adorable little guy?!

Holley Burns

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