Why Choose Goodwill? Meet Oziel

ABC13 and Goodwill Houston have teamed up to bring you powerful stories that exemplify Goodwill's mission and vision. Watch new videos all year as we spotlight how Goodwill is making a difference.

This week's powerful story is about Oziel Casanova - an entrepreneur who was given a second chance at life after he got in a severe motorcycle accident. Today, he's the Training Specialist for the Digital Career Accelerator and Google IT Program at Goodwill. See more about his story and what his co-workers have to say about his work ethic above.

In 2020 Goodwill Houston celebrates 75 years of serving the community! Their mission is to change lives through the power of work. Investing in the person, Goodwill educates, trains, and hires individuals with barriers to employment to help them thrive. They connect people, families, and communities to improve lives and to meet the workforce needs of today and tomorrow. Find out more about Goodwill's mission.

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