You've Worked Hard To Earn It. Protecting It Starts With You.

Imagine growing up in one of the wealthiest families in the country.
Then, losing everything in the blink of an eye.

It happened to Salim Nathani and he never wants to see it happen to you.

Salim's grandfather grew his small family business into an incredibly profitable corporation. After his grandfather's untimely death, Salim's father took over the family company at a very young age. With no business or financial planning experience, Salim's father lost everything within 5 years.

Salim Nathani says that life experience motivated him to prevent the same thing from happening to others. After years of hard work and determination, Salim founded Benzer Capital, a Registered Investment Advisory firm in Houston, Texas.

Recognized as a leader in today's wealth management, Benzer Capital provides customized wealth strategies designed to preserve and grow its clients' family wealth, businesses, and, institutions.

How do they do it? How do they preserve and grow your wealth? By using a simple three-prong approach, better known as "The Benzer Process".

1. Estate Planning and Asset Protection
2. Tax Planning
3. Investment Management

Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Benzer Capital believes Estate Planning and Asset Protection are the cornerstone of any family considering longevity of their wealth. They partner with law firms that are able to provide legal advice, draft trusts and other legal documents, as well as advise on asset protection, business succession planning and charitable giving. Benzer Capital's wealth managers work closely with attorneys to ensure the advice is aligned your overall financial goals.

Tax Planning

When it comes to tax planning, Benzer Capital believes we should all be planning for today with a view of tomorrow. With that in mind, they provide every client with a dedicated Tax Advisor for all Business and Personal Tax Planning needs.
On the Business side, Benzer Capital offers insight to help improve financial performance, manage growth, build compensation and incentive systems, mergers and acquisitions and business transitions.

Benzer Capital's Personal Tax Advisors not only assist in maximizing your wealth, but protecting it for generations to come. It's critical you know how new tax policy developments affect you, especially tax deductions and credit extensions...near term federal, state and tax-law changes...and, the significant changes to the US transfer tax system. Your Benzer Capital Tax Advisor can provide you with that knowledge and a strategy to keep your financial plan on course.

Investment Management

Benzer Capital brings simplicity to the complex world of investing with one rule in mind. Results Matter. Their team uses tried and true strategies based on sound projections to create and manage client portfolios. As a Registered Independent Adviser, Benzer Capital serves as fiduciary, a legal standard by which they must employ the highest standard of care and do what's in the best interests of their clients when it comes to advising clients on their money.

Benzer Capital's Investment Managers also offer expert Retirement and Institutions (foundations, endowments, non-profits, etc.) advice and planning services.

Beyond Wealth Management

Benzer Capital's service to you, their client, goes far beyond their wealth management services. Understanding the journey to great wealth is often a lonely one, Benzer Capital host a series of networking opportunities including their "Success Stories" and "E-commerce in the Age of Amazon" events featuring some of the most successful leaders in business today. For a list of upcoming events, go to

Benzer and its team are also extremely committed to our communities supporting non-profits including Bright Offerings, The Houston Food Bank, and The Aga Khan Foundation.

It Starts with You

You worked hard to earn your wealth. You want to make it last for you and your loved ones for generations to come. Take action. Choose the Wealth Management Company Preserving Wealth for Generations. Choose Benzer Capital.

Benzer Capital, a company you can trust.
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