Dhanani Private Equity Group Talks About Growth as Record 2021 Year Winds Down

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Dhanani Private Equity Group (DPEG), a Houston-based real estate developer and private equity firm has experienced exceptional year-over-year growth since the company started in 2011. Dhanani Private Equity Group (DPEG) has been providing average annual returns to their investors between 20-35% a year and offers them a place to park their money and eventually, turn their initial investment into more returns. "Our goal for our investors is to help turn our partner's hard-earned income into wealth over time so that their money starts working for them instead." states Nick Dhanani, CEO and Founder of Dhanani Private Equity Group.

Dhanani Private Equity Group (DPEG) started in 2011 by developing small projects such as gas stations, convenience stores that were co-branded with national fast food chains. By 2012, the company was worth $20 million dollars and started moving to developing and acquiring retail shopping centers all over Houston. As the investor base grew, the projects also grew larger and Dhanani Private Equity Group's (DPEG) focus shifted to developing multifamily apartments. Today, as 2021 comes to an end, the company has over $700 million dollars in assets under management. The formula for success has been the same from the beginning, acquiring land or existing income-producing commercial real estate in high-traffic areas and areas of untapped growth potential.

Dhanani Private Equity Group is uniquely positioned to provide such high returns to their investors for three big reasons:

1. Dhanani Private Equity Group (DPEG) does not charge any promote fees. All other private equity firms out there will charge various amounts of fees while ultimately giving investors a 6-8% preferred return with waterfall distribution. Dhanani Private Equity Group (DPEG) charges only a one-time developer/acquisition fee and a small annual cash management fee that helps run our family office. By charging less fees, we're able to provide our investors with higher returns that are achieved between 20-35% annualized. Dhanani Private Equity Group (DPEG) also operates in a true partnership setting where all profit is distributed equally based on the investor's share.

2. Dhanani Private Equity Group (DPEG) believes in full transparency and treats all their investors like active investors. Most firms will share financials on a quarterly or bi-annual basis but Dhanani Private Equity Group (DPEG) will share the company's bank statements with all our investors on a monthly basis so they're able to see every debit and credit transaction on the project.

3. Dhanani Private Equity Group (DPEG) is also a big believer in collective decision-making. Even though Dhanani Private Equity Group (DPEG) is the sole manager on every project, we will always consult our partners prior to making any big decisions such as refinancing, exiting or anything that may impact the project's bottom line.

Growth in 2021

This year, DPEG has done a record number of deals, with nearly $200 million coming in the fourth quarter alone. Ever since the company's first multifamily exit in June 2021, which provided investors with a 1.7X multiple and 30% IRR with a 28 month total holding period, Dhanani Private Equity Group's (DPEG) investor database has grown from 400 individuals to over 750 within a few months. "Our very first multifamily development, Territory at Greenhouse, was such a huge success that it helped fuel more growth and projects for our company. More than ever, we are finding potential investors that want to park their money with us." said Nick Dhanani.

Since the Territory at Greenhouse exit, Dhanani Private Equity Group (DPEG) has closed on the following deals which has helped stamp a record year going into 2022.

1. On October 28th, 2021, Dhanani Private Equity Group (DPEG) closed on their very first commercial property located outside of Houston in San Antonio, TX. DPEG raised $7,800,000 for this project and Y-Shops at Triangle is expected to bring investors 9.29% cash-on-cash return annually.

2. On November 9th, 2021 Dhanani Private Equity Group (DPEG) successfully sold and exited their Kirby Drive and Magnolia Parkway property which brought investors a 2.45X return with a 72.30% IRR annualized.

3. On November 24th, 2021, Dhanani Private Equity Group (DPEG) closed on their largest acquisition till date by purchasing Fountains On The Lake shopping center located in Stafford, TX. DPEG successfully raised $37,000,000 from investors across 10 states and the project was oversold within a couple of hours. As per CBRE, from the signing of the contract to closing spanned 33 days which was a record close time for such a large asset.

4. On December 14 th, Dhanani Private Equity Group (DPEG) had its largest ever land acquisition by purchasing 100 acres of land going westbound on I-10 and Anserra Trail where the company plans on constructing multi-family units and retail shopping.

5. Dhanani Private Equity Group (DPEG) also plans to move their corporate office to the Fountains On The Lake center in Q1 2022.

With DPEG having a record 2021 year, the future looks brighter than ever. The company also has additional projects lined up going into Q1 2022 with 4-5 multifamily developments in the pipeline. "The future is looking extremely promising at DPEG and for our investors. We look forward to growing our reach and helping investors realize higher returns while preserving their wealth." says Nick Dhanani.

For investment opportunities, please visit our website at www.dhananipeg.com

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