Asteroid 2017 BX passes close to Earth days after its discovery

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Astronomers discovered the asteroid, nicknamed "Rerun," on Jan. 20. (AccuWeather)

An asteroid passed by our planet just days after its discovery.

Asteroid 2017 BX, nicknamed "Rerun," was discovered on Jan. 20. The asteroid "skimmed past Earth within the moon's orbit," according to AccuWeather.

Astronomers at Slooh, an online telescope streaming service, in the Canary Islands broadcasted the close encounter live on Jan. 24.

"This object is traveling pretty fast and its really close by to us," said Slooh astronomer Eric Edelman. "It's also going to be very faint. This asteroid is very, very small, it's something about 10 meters or 30 feet, so I'd put it on the equivalent of something like an Orca or a killer whale. So we're looking for a 'killer whale' floating out in space, over 100,000 miles away from us."
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