Battle over Astrodome remains on hold until at least October

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If the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and the Houston Texans get their way, the Astrodome may soon be a structure seen only in the history books (KTRK)

For five years, the iconic Astrodome has sat empty. In 2009, the building was closed to all events.

During that time, there have been many proposed plans about to do with the Dome, once called the 8th Wonder of the World. None have succeeded, due to large part to costs.

In the small west Texas city of Alpine, the Texas Historical Commission was supposed to decide Wednesday whether to designate the dome as a "state antiquities landmark." The designation would force Harris County officials to consult commissioners before altering the dome in anyway, including repurposing or demolishing it.

Some call it an added layer of protection, others call it red tape. But either way, a decision was delayed today.

"I would like to see them try to put together a deal to make this happen. I would like to see this happen sooner," said Matt Kreisle with the Texas Historical Commission.

Commissioners now hope to visit Houston before making a final decision. This is what county officials, including the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation, wanted -- more time to come up with a plan.

"It gives us more time to analyze and further talk to more people who are interested in the project," said Edgar Colon with the Harris County Sports and Convention Corp.

Some say time isn't the answer.

"When you delay making decisions, it delays progress. It delays anything from happening. Are you going to buy a house when you don't know who your landlord is going to be? No," Houston resident Cynthia Neely said.

The dome will be on the next meeting's agenda for October in Austin. They haven't decided whether it will be an action or discussion item.
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