Exclusive video shows shootout between clerk, robber

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The video shows an armed robber get into a shootout with a store clerk. That clerk died in another robbery months later. (KTRK)

Eyewitness News has obtained exclusive video of a dramatic shootout a convenience store.

The video shows two store workers in a shootout with a robbery suspect. The suspect is wounded and ends up setting himself on fire. We warn you, the full video is graphic.

Charles Brown, 20, seen in the black shirt entered the Phillips 66 Store on March 15.

The clerk, Satish Kumar, immediately goes for his gun. Brown takes a chance, lunging a Kumar to get the gun. The gun went off, but no one was hit.

Another camera then catches Brown running to the back of the store and then to the front again. Unable to escape, he backs up and is seen in the isles of the store throwing bottles of antifreeze and anything else he can at the clerks.

A second clerk then enters with his gun in hand, and more shots were fired.

After 10 minutes, Brown is seen spilling antifreeze on the floor. He makes another attempt to get out, launching more motor oil at the clerks, but then gets hit by a bullet.

Brown is then seen bleeding and then collapsing on to floor. Brown then lights a rack of t-shirts on fire when then catches him on fire as well.

About 20 minutes into the shootout, police are seen at the front door of the smoke filled store entering with guns drawn.

Brown was arrested and the clerks walked away that day.

But months later, Kumar would be challenged again by another robber and lost his life as he was reaching for his gun again.
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