Lone survivor of deadly attack on Spring family released from hospital

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Hospital officials say 15-year-old Cassidy Stay has been released from the hospital, and she's expected to make a full recovery

Cassidy Stay, the lone survivor of a cold-blooded attack on a family in Spring, has been released from the hospital, according to Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital.

According to a statement from the hospital, the 15-year-old was discharged Friday in good condition and is expected to make a full recovery.

"As a hospital team, we were honored to be able to help care for this brave young woman at her critical time of need. The entire staff at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital has been profoundly touched by Cassidy's resilient spirit, inner strength, and hopeful heart during this time of indescribable shock and grief," the hospital said in a prepared statement. "We extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to her, and her extended family, as they begin the difficult healing process. The family asks that media please continue to respect their privacy until further notice. They also would like to thank the community, both here in Houston and all over the country, for the outpouring of love and support they have received these past several days."

Cassidy is one of the seven family members shot execution-style inside their Spring home Wednesday evening. Both her parents and all her siblings, ages 4 to 13, died in the attack. Authorities say the accused gunman, 33-year-old Ron Haskell, showed up to Stays' home searching for his ex-wife, Cassidy's aunt.

Investigators say he tied up Cassidy then waited for the rest of the family to return home. When they arrived, each one was tied up and forced to lie face-down. He allegedly asked each family member where his ex-wife was, and when they said they didn't know, each one was shot in the back of the head.

Investigators say Cassidy Stay saved her own life by deflecting the bullet with her hand. She reportedly lost a finger in the process, but it changed the trajectory of the bullet just enough so that it didn't do greater damage to her head.

Detectives also credit the 15-year-old for saving her grandparents' life. According to investigators, she called 911, reported the shootings and told them Haskell allegedly was on his way to her grandparents' home to kill them. But before he could reach the house, investigators intercepted him, sparking a chase that was followed by an hours-long standoff.

Haskell now faces capital murder charges in connection to the family's slaying. During his court hearing Friday, he collapsed before the judge. His defense attorney, Doug Durham, says his defense likely will be mental illness.

The Stay family memorial will be held at Lemm Elementary School, 19034 Joanleigh Drive, beginning at 10am. Organizers for the events say there will be crisis counselors to help those who are grieving. The principal of the school will be reading a statement from the state family.

People coming to the event are encouraged to wear teal and turquoise, Cassidy's favorite color. There will also be a 400 balloon release. Cassidy Stay Will not be in attendance neither will her surviving family. Hundreds of people are expected to attend the event in the morning.

An official memorial page for the family has been set up on Facebook, and those who want to donate to the family can do so on GoFundMe.com. At last check, the Stay family gofundme.com account has a accumulated about $183,000.

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