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Prepare and stage your home for less than $100

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We worked with Anne Marie Hicks with Keller Williams - Memorial to get her best staging advice.

If you're trying to sell your home, staging can make all the difference.

We worked with Anne Marie Hicks with Keller Williams - Memorial to get her best staging advice.

  • Deep clean (windows, window screens, baseboards, light fixtures) - $0

  • Clean and polish front door and dust off surrounding trim/siding. First impressions are everything. - $0

  • Place a potted plant with annuals on the front porch. Greet your buyers with flowers. - $10

  • Deep clean appliances, shine fronts of appliances & faucet, remove all magnets/clutter on surface of
    refrigerator and de-clutter and clean under sink cabinets - $0

  • Sell a lifestyle. Appeal to the emotions of buyers using what you have. Display two wine glasses and bottle of wine on a tray or two coffee cups on a tray with cream and sugar bowls or glass pitcher with two mason jars - $0

  • Fill a candy dish with chocolates and place on the kitchen counter. Chocolate releases feel-good endorphins. - $5

  • Fill a clear bowl with fresh lemons or bright green apples and place on the kitchen counter - $5

  • Place new fresh white towels for bathrooms - $50

  • Put in a new fresh white waffle shower curtain and open it to one side to make the bathroom appear larger - $15

  • Display new luxury bars of soap - $5

  • Place shells in a clear vase - $10

  • Store all personal toiletries, perfumes, etc. in cabinets. Make sure the countertop is clear of clutter - $0

  • Remove bathroom rugs - $0

  • Keep toilet lids closed, especially for pictures - $0

  • Keep trash cans empty - $0

FAMILY ROOM: (occupied home)
  • Remove worn throw pillows - $0

(occupied home)
  • Set the table - $0

For more on tips from Realtor Anne Marie Hicks, head to www.har.com/amh.
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