Jaywalking across busy, dangerous Houston intersection is the norm

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Jaywalking across dangerous Houston intersection is the norm

We saw it happening frequently: people running across a busy stretch of Hillcroft between Bellaire and Highstar. They ran in groups, while on cell phones, pushing shopping carts, and baby strollers.

A mother crossing with her baby boy in a stroller didn't make it yesterday afternoon. A driver hit the stroller, sending the one year old to the hospital with serious injuries.

As we watched people cross, specifically from nearby shopping areas, we asked them why they didn't just walk to the light at the intersection.

One man told us, "It's far. It's heavy with my stuff and it's close to my house here."

Alya Goobee showed us his scratched back bumper. He told us drivers like him are in danger, too, as they hit the brakes for people running across Hillcroft, instead of going to an intersection with a light.

"When I stop the traffic for the people that walk, somebody hits me, (it has happened) two times, on Hillcroft," said Goobee.

City Council member Mike Laster says he'll ask the city to evaluate the area for another traffic light, but also believes this busy stretch of Hillcroft may simply need more signs telling people to cross at the light. Multicultural outreach could also help as Laster says 85 different languages are spoken in his council district alone, and not everyone may fully understand our traffic laws.

"We are from every corner of the globe, and that means that we have the opportunity to educate folks about what our traffic laws are," said Laster

The little boy should recover, and possible changes to this stretch could mean worrying less about this happening again.

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