Local law enforcement on edge after San Antonio officer murder

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Law enforcement officers on edge after police officers shot.

Law enforcement officials across the country and here at home are on edge after the shooting death of an officer in San Antonio Sunday.

At Harris County's precinct six, bullet holes can be seen in the side of the building that's not even finished being built.

"We're hoping this is just an accidental shooting, that someone is just discharging firearms," said chief deputy Armando Tello. "We don't think anyone in precinct six is targeted."

Investigators say they believe it happened some time over the weekend.

"I think if everybody just took a step back, we as a society took a step back, and tone down the rhetoric, it would help calm things down calm nerves down, and ultimately I think it will help everybody safer," Tello said.

"We have a much better relationship with the community than some other cities," said Doug Griffith with the Houston Police Officer's Union. "This can happen anywhere, it takes one person to go off the rails and we can have an incident like we have in San Antonio."

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