Our tips for traveling with kids this holiday season

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Ilona, Erik, Casey and Rebecca share their tips for traveling with kids this holiday season. (KTRK)

Just when you think you've mastered the art of holiday travel, life throws another curveball your way: traveling with young children.

We asked our Eyewitness News at 4 anchors Erik Barajas, Ilona Carson, Casey Curry and Rebecca Spera -- all parents of young children -- to share their one game-changing tip for traveling with kids during the holiday season.

Casey Curry recommends mailing bulky items -- like diapers, juice boxes and soymilk -- to your final destination instead of paying for extra checked bags on your flight.

A carseat backpack made a world of difference for Rebecca Spera, giving her one less thing to carry as her young son and his carseat journeyed through the airport on her back.

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Jelly beans and lollipops are Ilona Carson's go-to rewards for well-behaved children on trains and airplanes. As a bonus, she shares them with nearby parents whose kids need some positive reinforcement.

An entertained car is a quiet car. Erik Barajas makes sure his sons each have a set of low-cost headphones on road trips. The kids stay quiet and, if the headphones get lost, they're not expensive to replace.

What are your best holiday travel tips?

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