Meet the woman who sells million-dollar luxury jets for a living

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Foti Kallergis meets a woman who sells million-dollar jets for a living

As you may know, there are so many hassles in flying commercial -- going through an X-ray scan, taking off your shoes -- the list goes on. But some passengers are able to avoid all of that.

Some passengers fly in private class. But it's a costly endeavor. We met a woman who sells the million-dollar planes. Janine Iannarilli is a jet broker.

She said, "You don't come out of school saying I want to sell jet aircraft."

Iannarilli says her journey into the industry was part luck, and all hard work. Early on, she realized the jet selling business was dominated by men.

She said, "It takes three men to do the job of one woman. And it was an emphasis that you are going to always have to work harder."

She broke the barriers, and is now among New Jersey Aviation Hall of Famers Amelia Earhart and astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly.

She remembers her first million dollar sell. A leer 25-D jet --much different than the ones she sells today.

Today, she sells planes like the Falcon 2,000 jet, made by the French. It has a mini bar, 13 plush executive seats wrapped in the finest leather -- facing each other for business meetings -- there's Wi-Fi, satellite phones, USB ports at every corner, a TV remote under the woodgrain panel, a table that folds out into a desk, and a toilet seat wrapped in leather.

But most of all, Iannarilli says "they are time machines." Iannarilli says it gives her clients something they can't buy back: time. She says that's worth every bit of the million-dollar price tag.

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