Houston couple says they'll move to Argentina after Trump victory

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Houston family says it will move after Trump victory

Eric Roberson and Ken Dietze meet for lunch in downtown Houston almost daily. But the couple is ready to abandon that routine, and their beloved city of Houston.

"I don't want to leave here, my life his here, my friends are here, his family is here," said Roberson, who works in IT at a major oil and gas company in Houston.

The couple though, feels like there is no other option. Roberson and Dietze legally married in New Mexico in 2013. This year, they became active campaign volunteers for Hillary Clinton, canvassing the homes near their West Houston neighborhood.

"We see how trump has belittled every minority, women, Hispanics, Muslim, blacks, gays," they said, frustration obvious in their voices.

A few months ago, Roberson told Dietze that they should start thinking of a "Plan B" in case Clinton doesn't win. Roberson began researching countries that recognized marriage equality and gay rights. He decided Argentina, with its open social policies and a vibrant capital city, could be the ideal second home.

Then Tuesday came and went. By Wednesday morning, the couple had decided: they couldn't live under a President who might take away their rights. So they began to execute their plan of moving 5,000 miles South, to Buenos Aires

"I want to be with him, first of all," said Dietze, looking at his husband of three years. "I want to be where we do not have to worry about what's going to be happening with the government and our rights as a couple."

Dietze already visited the Argentina consulate in Houston. Consular officials told him that Argentina offers universal healthcare, free college classes, and recognizes same sex marriage.

Dietze is now learning Spanish.

"I took my first Rosetta Stone this morning on the phone," he chuckled.

The couple plans to liquidate most assets. One of their properties is already sold. They're prepared to sell their motorcycles and one of their cars. The other car they plan to ship to their new South American home.

Roberson says he has started to look for a job. They have a January trip scheduled to house hunt and go on job interviews.

"It was Plan B, let's go, we got to this, I mean what's our other choice?"

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