Man catches burglar cooking sausage, stabs him

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Home invader caught cooking sausage; homeowner stabs him in the chest. (KTRK)

A Las Vegas homeowner has taken a slice out of crime after discovering a burglar in his home.

Arvi Remmelg caught the robber in action after smelling food coming from the kitchen.

"I smelled cooking and after that someone approached my bedroom door," Remmelg told KSNV. "When he opened the door, I stabbed him."

The burglar had been cooking sausage in Remmelg's kitchen before moving towards Remmelg's bedroom.

"It's disgusting when somebody (is) breaking in and making food," he said.

The burglar ran away before police could arrive.

"I didn't stab him very hard," Remmelg said. "I screamed to him 'Get out of here,' and then he ran away."

Police checked area hospitals for recent stabbing victims, but came up empty handed.

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