Stray dog, puppies crash bachelor party, win groom's heart

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A stray dog and her seven puppies captured a man's heart during his bachelor party in Tennessee. (KTRK)

When Mitchel Craddock headed down to the woods of Tennessee for his bachelor party, he had no idea a dog would steal his heart.

"The first morning that we were there, it was a bunch of guys, so we had the front door wide open and we're cooking bacon. We look over, and the front door to the cabin we're staying in there is a dog sitting there, just sweet as can be but would not come inside," Craddock told WWMT-TV.

With no clue where she came from, the group of guys took a liking to her, eventually naming her Annie.

Without a collar, leash or anyone around, it was clear Annie desperately needed help.

"She was very dehydrated, hungry. Everything we gave her and put in front of her, she gobbled up as fast as she could," Craddock recalled.

Then, the unthinkable happened.

"There's one spot over in the woods. If anything went by there, she'd take off. She'd leave us and take off, barking and going crazy. And she'd go to that spot, and then she'd eventually come back."

One by one, seven puppies -- named Knox, Bear, Daisy, Gunner, Brimmy, Fin and Rosie -- meandered out of the woods, all in need of medical attention.

"We're washing our puppies because they had all come out of a hole and they were dirty. So there was a group of rough and tumble men going down to go four wheeling and they're inside washing a bunch of puppies," Craddock adds.

Craddock says that all of the puppies are healthy and have been adopted by loving families.

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