Puppies dumped in Fort Bend County now up for adoption

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Puppies dumped in Fort Bend County are up for adoption, Kevin Quinn reports. (KTRK)

Ten puppies are up for adoption in Fort Bend county after someone abandoned them on the side of the road.

Fort Bend County Animal Services officials say two men brought the puppies in around 10am after witnessing someone abandon them on Padon Road near Old Needville-Fairchild Road.

"They saw somebody pull over on the side of the road, take out a blanket and then they saw them putting puppies on the blanket and then drive away," said Barbara Vass, who is the Community Involvement Coordinator at the shelter.

Vass says the Good Samaritans scooped the pups into the back of their vehicle and brought them to the shelter.

"We do have a big problem in the county with people discarding their pets," Vass said.

The puppies are seven weeks old Lab mixes. They are in good health and are very social.

Fort Bend County Animal Services takes in about 5,000 strays a year. They've got room at any time for 78-80 dogs. Right now there's 120, plus these 10 and some cats. They keep the animals as long as they can - maybe six months or so. Vass says they try only to euthanize if the animal is gravely ill or has a behavioral problem. Vass asks us to remind you that abandoning animals on the side of the road is a crime, a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $500 per animal.
"There are resources other than dropping them on the side of a busy road," she said.

You can always bring them to a shelter, where someone will figure out a way to find them a good home.

The ten puppies will be available Tuesday. For info on holding one you can go to their Facebook page. There is a $100 adoption fee, which Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls says he will cover for anyone adopting. There's also over 120 other dogs and cats there, going cheap through Halloween.

Any dog over six months old is just $3. Cats are just $1.

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