Political displays reflect rising tension leading up to Election Day

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With tensions running high during the home stretch of the election cycle, some Houstonians have turned to political displays to express their political frustration.

The 2016 election isn't for the faint of heart -- across the Houston area, people feel passionately about November 8th.

Take Belinda Fultz, who lives in Tomball. Fultz told Eyewitness News a crook stole her lone Donald Trump sign from her front yard last Wednesday. She said he picked the wrong house.

Fultz owns a sign company, so she printed up more -- including one which a pretty clear message.

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The sign on her fence reads, "To The Person(s) who stole the Trump Sign on my fence. The joke is on you. I have a lot more! I also have integrity, respect for others property and Jesus Christ and we own a sign company. You should quit stealing others property and try some of these. Make America Great Again!"

"It's nasty and emotional. There is a lot on the line for a lot of people. People want change," said Fultz. "I decided that, since I own a sign company, I was going to have to get even. I decided if they were going to steal signs, I was going to give them a lot to steal."

In Acres Home, an upset abc13 viewer contacted us about a sign at the corner of West Montgomery Road and West Little York Road.

The sign reads "We Want Judges That Look Like Us!" and features only African American candidates. The group "Across The Track PAC" is listed on the sign. They told us a member made it without the group's blessing. By this afternoon, the signs were taken down and on the ground.

A display in Coldspring might stir the most debate. It features a cardboard cut-out of Hillary Clinton behind bars. Donald Trump stands next to the jail cell with his thumbs up.

Michaela Ellis contacted us about the display on East Pine Ave near FM-2973. She said it is inflammatory, in poor taste, and needs to be taken down.

"I think they're trying to influence or depress the vote with this. That's the only way they're going to win," said Ellis. "This is extreme."

Dwayne Wright is the chairman for the San Jacinto County Republican Party. He said the display is on private property and outside the 100-foot requirement of a polling location. Wright said she'll stay in place all the way to election day.

"We're just trying to increase public awareness with a little bit of shock value," said Wright. "It seems to do pretty well."

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