Family creates "Don't Text and Drive" Halloween decoration

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Family creates "Don't Text and Drive" Halloween decoration. (KTRK)

A family hopes their Halloween visitors will get more than just treats this year.

The family included a warning not to text and drive among their Halloween decorations. Corey Corwin found an old jeep and used it to send a message that he hopes will impact children of all ages.

"It could really happen. It's real. I mean, yes, it's a makeup of dummies and a broke down car, but it could really happen, and it happens on a daily basis," Corwin said.

The display shows a staged car crash with a sign that says, "Don't text and drive, or it could end up scary."

Family member Edna Posey thinks the message is very important, especially for teens.

"Not only texting, but drinking. My father was killed in a car accident when I was 10, and it's something that you don't quite ever recover from, but you do," she said.

The family hopes drivers will stop and pay attention then keep their phones off while driving.

"It only takes a split second to change your whole life or the life of someone else," Posey said.

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