Elderly woman forced out of Heights home due to fire

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An 84-year-old woman says she's lived in the home for 50 years and has had a lot of memories.

An 84-year-old woman is forced to run out of her home after it caught fire on Sunday morning near the Heights.

She says she turned on her heater Saturday night because she was cold.

That's when she noticed that the lights weren't working so she flipped the breaker.

While flipping the breaker she said she saw sparks and the next thing she knew, the attic was on fire.

Firefighters caution to check your heater and electrical wiring before turning on the heater this fall.

She lost everything.

"I love my house," said Gloria Solto.

Her nephew lives two doors down and returned home to see the fire trucks.

"When I left everything was fine. I left the corner at 6:30 and came back and I turned the corner and I was like wow," said Nemencio D. Salazar Jr.

Salazar said when he found out it may have been electrical, he wasn't surprised.

"The breaker was bad on there and I tried to tell her, we need to fix that because they're not that good because she told me before the breakers kept going off," said Salazar.

Arson investigators are looking to what caused the fire. However, preliminary the cause appears to electrical.

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